Counting on FIFA Agents, we are dedicated to men's and women's soccer. We work permanently to obtain the best offers for our represented clients.

Apart from taking care of your professional development, we also take care of your personal development. Beyond the sports career, we believe that it is of vital importance to motivate soccer players to train academically, whether it is to finish their secondary studies and then enroll in a university degree. As well, so that they enroll directly in a university degree in case they have completed their secondary studies. Undoubtedly, this is essential so that they can expand their field of work and acquire new tools for various personal projects in the future.

Another aspect that sets us apart is our commitment to raising awareness on issues that affect the lives of our young athletes. Through talks and workshops, we believe that it is crucial that they have useful information on addiction prevention, traffic accident prevention, and above all, that they are aware of the importance of a good environment in the life of a soccer player.

"We work mainly to train people, also soccer players"

We provide comprehensive support that includes various types of assistance:

Legal assistance

Our players and coaches have specialized legal advice on contracts, transfers or image rights.

Technical assistance

With the aim of improving soccer performance, our professional video analysts share their editing work with our soccer players in order to quickly detect weaknesses and strengths during their matches.

Nutrition Assistance

Based on an initial body evaluation, our team of nutritionists provides a nutritional plan for each player that is updated or not, according to the objectives set.

Kinesiological Assistance

Our team of kinesiologists works in the prevention and accompaniment in injury recovery processes of our soccer players.

Psychological assistance

We have psychological assistance devices for all of our footballers, ranging from those who are starting their career to those who are about to retire. Work is done on containment, assistance and prevention, taking as its central objective the early detection of psychological problems in order to be treated on time and avoid irreversible consequences.

Pedagogical and Vocational Assistance

Our pedagogical assistants guide and accompany those players who wish to finish their secondary studies. In turn, our vocational assistants guide those players who have difficulties in choosing, in parallel to their profession, a university degree and/or occupation.

Scouting and brokerage

We provide personalized work according to the requirements of different clubs. Our work covers:

  • Talent acquisition.
  • Monitoring of players and coaches.
  • Analysis and reporting on contract or transfer opportunities.
  • Advice and intermediation in employment contracts or transfer contracts.

Training and competition

De acuerdo a las necesidades de diversas entidades deportivas, desarrollamos las siguientes tareas:

  • Training programs.
  • Organization of tournaments.
  • Planning sports tours and pre-seasons.
  • Coordination of friendly matches.

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