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We are an innovative agency that combines representation, intermediation, training, competition, coaching and talent recruitment in the field of football.

We have a great interdisciplinary team that covers the organizational, academic, sports and legal fields of our different activities. Experience and youth are the perfect fusion in our human capital to achieve great things.

We maintain multiple alliances with other agencies, representatives, clubs and important world soccer entities.

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“American Golden Soccer is a great family. In addition to passionately dealing with the development of sports careers, we also take care of the personal development of our athletes”.

Trajectory and position

Member of a family of soccer players (Father: Fabio Costas – Former Soccer Player – Current Children's Soccer Coordinator at Racing Club / Uncle: Gustavo Costas – Former Soccer Player – Current Coach of the Bolivian National Team), he wore the shirt of various clubs in Argentina, Europe and Dubai. He stands out in attracting talents and is the "Director of Sports Representation and Intermediation".


“American Golden Soccer aims for innovation in world soccer. We are looking for soccer players from different parts of the world to enjoy new ways of training and competing. And also, to capture the attention of the public through unprecedented tournaments and cups.

Trajectory and position

Professor and University Academic Director (University of Buenos Aires / Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina), he has developed different social, cultural and sports projects at a national and international level. Due to his academic training and experience in project management, he is the "Director of Planning and Institutional Relations".

Sports Coordinator

“American Golden Soccer I have no doubts that it will make people talk in world soccer. There are many innovative projects to be carried out. Between experience and youth we make a great team”.

Trajectory and position

World champion and runner-up with the Argentine National Team in the 1986 Mexico and 1990 World Cups in Italy. He was also part of the squad for the 1982 World Cup in Spain. the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. Among other clubs, he was a player for three of the five great Argentine soccer: Boca, Racing and River. He wore the French Nantes jersey between 1986 and 1987. He is one of the 30 footballers with the most games played in the Argentine First Division (466 games). He has more than 600 games played in his entire career. He is the Argentine player who played the most games in the World Cup without ever losing. This great world champion is the "Sports Coordinator" in everything related to training and competition programs.

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